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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery 7.0

Intuitive tool to recover all types of media files from any storage device
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Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery recovers much more than just lost or deleted photographs. This app is actually capable of restoring any media file lost in any storage device, be it one of your internal hard disks or any USB drive. Its thorough and fast scan process will detect all recoverable files and will organize them by file type in separate folders. Its powerful preview capabilities will help you decide beforehand the right files to recover.

The program opens in a clear and elegant interface. Its initial window works like a main menu where you can choose to look for recoverable audio, video, and image files right away, create an image file of an entire disk or a specific section of it, or resume a suspended recovery process belonging to a previous scan. To start looking for lost media files, all you have to do is select the drive or drives to be scanned. The results will appear in real time neatly organized by file type in a set of virtual folders, each named after the type of files it contains (JPEG, TIFF, MP4, etc.). Once the scan process has finished, you can browse through these folders and preview any of the files found before checking them for recovery. The program’s built-in media player and viewer will let you listen to any recoverable audio file, watch any of the videos, and preview any of your lost photos in the most convenient way.

In case the scanned drive contains bad sectors that might complicate the recovery process, you are also offered the possibility of creating a sector-by-sector disk image of a complete drive or a section of it to use as source for the retrieval of your lost files. You can create images of removable or local disks, with either a NTFS or a FAT32 file system.

Both the scan process and the subsequent selection of the files to recover work like a charm. Regrettably, it is impossible to know if the program does restore any of those files efficiently or not without buying the corresponding license. Due to this huge impediment of the trial version – that other developers solve with a limitation in the number of files you can recover without paying – it is hard to say if this promising tool does work properly or not.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Clear and intuitive interface
  • Built-in media player for file preview
  • Fast and thorough scan process
  • Creates disk images for complex recovery processes


  • The trial version does not recover any file
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